Posted by CameronW, on December 24th, 2019 - 479 days ago - 353 words -

Framework & Website Updates

Okay so I released an early build of my CSS Framework. Its definitely not a complete or a finished product, but it's a work in progress.

Its a very clean, stylistic and typographic framework, I even used it to design this website.

Taking major inspiration from Tacit being a classless framework, a relatively simple one - I call mine a class minimal framework, having the fundamental design being basically classless, with more advanced options and other features available using simple classes.

I also used it to clean up my github site - which I've updated into a portal to where I am online, a bio and contact information.

Paeroa CSS requires a few more things, like better CSS for tables, more CSS for Form fields, a CSS stylesheet for Printing, as well as Typographical enhancements and style improvements.

Statamic v3 is also a free upgrade to v2 license holders like myself - so I plan to have the theme considerably enhanced.

I learned a fair bit about SASS/SCSS..

I have a fair bit to read up on, Ive got a few PDF books on Typography,

These are a couple of them, and a nice new HP tablet to read them on!