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Windows 7 Support has Ended

Windows 7 Support has Ended - Jan 14, 2020

End of Life?

Microsoft has two stages of an operating systems "end of life" status, this is another term for discontinued, obsolete, not supported, no longer developed and retired.

Mainstream Support has long gone, Extended Support ended Jan 14, 2020 - which is why you'll be be seeing lots of messages everywhere about people recommending you upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

There are a number of scenarios available to you now,

Do an "in-place" Upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10

Microsoft apparently still allows in-place upgrades with full digital activations if you download the Media Creation Tool and select Upgrade this PC.

Another method I have known to work is installing a "pre-activated" Windows 8.1 Pro, upgrading to Windows 10 from that.

Install and operate Windows 10 Un-activated/Unlicensed.

This is perfectly legal, certain Windows 10 Personalization features will be disabled, but they can be circumvented. You'll get a watermark on the screen but the system will be entirely functional.

Clean Installation of Windows 10, buy a license key.

You could buy a Windows 10 licence key cheap from eBay, or SCDKEYS or another discounted key retailer.

Buy a new computer, with Windows 10 included.

All new computers, even many many ex-lease computers have Windows 10 included.

My friend said ...

We all have friends that say things, they all know about computers, they know more than you and they make it seem like they know what they're talking about.

Simply put, unless they're a computer technician or IT professional, ignore them!

Windows 10 is a perfectly decent, good and solid Operating System. It's not complicated, its a not bit scary mess like your friends say it is and it's actually quite fast on Modern hardware - if you're using a very old laptop, with a mechnical hard drive and 2GB RAM, ofcourse Windows 10 is going to run slow, modern PCs have atleast 8 or 16GB RAM and Sold State Disks (SSD) which are hundreds of times faster than mechanical hard drives - imagine your computer booting to Windows desktop in less than 30seconds, rather than the few minutes it does now...

Many users who remain on Windows 7 will be completely unsecured, even purchasing Security software wont protect you? Think of it like a 3 story building; ground floor is the Windows part - next up is your firewall software if you use one and then next is your antivirus. So you have 3 layers. You can't keep everything secure if there's a gaping hole in your ground floor, that will never be fixed.

We have those friends who claim to know things, claim they know what's best but they're only refusing to upgrade out of Fear, Mis-understanding & Doubt.

Windows 10 is a safe, modern operating system, simple is that. If your computer needs an upgrade, ask your local computer retailer for assistance.