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Ollee/Protempo Ltd L14FTCPW 14.1"

This laptop is among the worst laptops available on the market - wait, no, it's the single most worst laptop available on the market. But short on a money, it's great Linux Laptop.

This is that rare gem, for $199 - it's just good enough for a basic laptop for any linux user or enthusiast.

Okay, So I purchased this laptop from PC Traders Ltd for $199 - for a basic laptop, this is literally as basic as you can get. Shipped with Windows 10, having 32GB storage is a complete joke; especially when you find out that if you lose the the drivers, the laptop is effectively junk - due to the integrated wireless module on the PCB that I'm going to losely refer to as the motherboard, contains a Broadcom B43455 Wireless AC & Bluetooth module. The drivers of which are ... completely unavailable for the Windows market.

When I mean unavailable, I mean unavailable - there is no support website for this laptop, there's no product page for this laptop, there's not even a windows driver for the wireless module on Broadcom's website for this module itself.

The only way to make this laptop functional again is to run it as a Linux laptop, but when you consider that it's running an Intel Atom Quad Core processor, 4G RAM, 32G storage, one bonus is that it has a 1080p panel, allowing for some moderately serious usage with a chosen Linux distro - this laptop does shine.



The UEFI setup on this has a traditional AMIBIOS design, blue & grey, but its incredibly limited in its function.

It only allows changing the date/time, Setup Prompt time, NumLock state, Quiet & Fast Boot, Boot Selection and Override, including the required save changes options.

There are no options regarding Secure Boot, enabling or disabling Legacy Support or anything of the like.


In order to get Linux (any distro) to work nicely with the B43455 module, you'll need to install the drivers for the card.

Download this github package, extract the bcrm folder, copy the content to


and the wireless card should operate fully when you reboot.

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This laptop was purchased independently with my own funds. This is not a sponsored article.