Homeless Digital Nomad

October me and my father were sent an email, informing us that the place we lived in for the last 8 years had been sold and we were given 90 days notice. So we started to look for another place to rent … within Taupo. 🤣 Which given the time of year and with so many applicants applying for housing within the region is well, not easy at the best of times - so we knew what was going to happen, we had a fairly good idea that we were not going to find another place to live within Taupo during November, December and January and probably February - so we planned to for the most part to be homeless, so we organised storage, which actually managed to fit roughly 95% of what we own, the rest managing to fit into half of a friends garage just nearby - who was willing to take care of it.

So just before we moved out, packed up, a friend of mine visited and he paid for my tickets to Adelaide, Australia for two weeks. 🥳 With me, booking a flight out of Melbourne, after booking a bus ticket overnight the night before to spend the day with a friend. Which was really helpful and I got to visit this friend of mine for a day.

But in the meantime, Im going over to Australia for a trip, my father who’s 90 is also homeless - one would think hes stressed out and worried and being homeless is weighing him down, actually no - he’s fine - a bit stressed with moving and not being able to help as much as he wanted too, but he’s fine, he’s visitng a friend in Hamilton and other friends and family are going to visit over the couple of weeks Im overseas. And besides, not having bills to pay for a few weeks is going to help, which allows him to enjoy those two weeks all the better 😁 so hes thinking postively - although he wants to get back into a house within maybe 2-3 months. He doesn’t expect to realistically, get back to Taupo after our holiday and find a house within a week given current housing situation.

So as I said my desktop is in storage 😭 - its not exactly the kind of thing you can move into a motel/lodge kind of living situation, which does suck ballz - I have migrated over to a Dell XPS 13 9310 - its not the 2-in-1 model, its the 11th Gen Core i7 with the 4K touchscreen.

So now I’m using this Dell XPS, Ive decided Im going to learn After Effects.

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