Lost But Never Forgotten

{.right}In my life, I’ve met many people - few I actually look up to, even fewer I would do anything for and even less I would miss if I were ever to lose them.Recently I lost a good friend of mine - he was an inspiration for me and a personal goal point in regards of my knowledge when it came to computers and technology - he was someone I inspired to be equal to or better than, humble in the fact that he would always be my superior.Start of the month, I discovered with many many others in the NZ gaming community - that Brent Riley (known online as Deicidal) had died.Brent was someone I met when I first started to attend LAN parties, in-fact he attended most of the LAN parties I attended, I really enjoyed going to LAN parties with him - honestly, he became a major reason why I would attend a LAN party in the first place.Brent was the kind of guy who never once went to the desk to “sign in”, when Brent arrived - everyone knew. He was like that beauty in the dress who walked in the door and everyone took notice, but instead of a beauty, it was this complete techno god who knew quite well most of the people at the admin table, who would happily sit among the plebs in the 100mbit seats, but who would never suffer a LAN at 100mbit, when a gig switch was only 25-30m of cat6 away - he would giggle, setup his rig and spend the next half hour catching up with everyone else, taxing his mates an energy drink or two - because he didn’t pick up a pack from the supermarket for himself - but it was cool, we always got extra knowing this.He would often arrive with the most expensive gear, the latest equipment, completely overkill hardware and something that would make most of us cry and beg just to spend a few minutes gaming with.He was among one of the best overall gamers in NZ by far - not quite professional but if you’d knew if he won lotto, he would be in a pro-league or something.Gaming with him was sometimes an absolute nightmare, if he was on your team - you won.If he wasn’t, everyone would have a goal to at least kill him before he undoubtedly killed you - which he would do, with a laugh and no remorse, coming back with “you have to be better” - which was encouraging.Brent was always someone willing to help another person, he helped me many occasions, I would do my best to help him at times, he was someone I really enjoyed to be around.I can never fully repay his kindness, I hoped one day I could - the best I can do now is follow the sense of community and kindness he showed me to others, because that spare chip, that spare part that maybe almost worthless to me, could be something important and valuable to that enthusiast who is eager to learn and has a long way to go.Brent will be missed by many people, not only his family, sons and his late girlfriend - but an entire community of gamers who became his friends and associates.