Network Upgrades Minimisation

Recently I’ve “taken over” the top part of our pantry cubboard - it’s a cheap thing so it’s not a big deal what I really do with it, but I’ve been having fun! I did have a big full 6U wallmount rackmount cabinet that I used to put my gear in, but I’ve decided to reduce everything down.I now run,- Synology Diskstation DS213j

  • 10TB (Media, TV Series, Movies).
  • 8TB (My Data, only accessable by me).
  • Synology Diskstation DS210j
  • 2TB (Junk, Misc Data.)
  • Synology Diskstation DS413j
  • 4TB (Games, ISOs, anything else.)
  • Mac mini (Mid-2011) [SERVER]
  • 240G SSD (Debian 9)
  • 2TB HDD _(Host Drive)_I did run a custom Linux server, with the “Data” drive as the downloads drive, open share, general backup, general data store, web server drive and basically the one disk on the entire network that’s going to be accessed a billion times day.I’ve now seperated everything out, lowered the risk especially to my data and my drive - except with the DS210j, that’s just an old WD Green 2TB - don’t care what happens to that disk.I have to update this website a bit more, the CSS needs a hell of alot more work. I have a fair bit of stuff to do;- Refurbish my “new” Chromebook.
  • Get Car fixed.
  • Start dismantling my SP20 wreck.
  • Sell my 6U cabinet.
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