A Few Days Away

So I took a trip to Nelson. Visited someone important to me, she had a nice new “prem” baby and I wanted to go visit - thus the story begins…After some organising, saving and some more planning - I found a couple of places to get Honey, which came led to a business idea for me to see if I can get off the ground, which would be a good idea. I visited a mate in Palmerston North, found a nice honey supplier which appears to have a great price and good honey - DownUnder Honey.I carried on down and took the 3:30am InterIslander Ferry.Took a trip round the Queen Charlotte Sounds, which was beautiful - cruizy drive, bendy, couple of good spots for fishing, swimming and laxing out in the sun.The drive to Nelson was … bendy, wow - the bendiest drive I’ve ever done.Got to see my friend with the new baby, he’s so adorable & cute.So I arrived in Nelson, Friday lunchtime, had accomodation booked until Tuesday morning, left south to get some honey at Nelson Honey, double backed up and went down around SH63 to Blenheim.Looked around, got a drink and visited a car meseum at the Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre, the aircraft side was really expensive, I couldn’t afford that. Admission was $15 - which was really affordable.Took a drive through Blenheim, took a few photos and then this happened;Got sideswiped by a Mainfreight truck - which stuck me in my car until I got some help from Bridgestone.

Called Mainfreight, let them know what happened and sent them photos and headed off to Picton, to get in line for the Ferry. Called my insurance and informed them.- Damaged front quater panel.

  • Drivers side Indicator removed.
  • Tyre wall cut/slashed (unsure of how bad).
  • Bumber damage.I’m not quite sure what else is daamged. Might have to replace the front tyres, if I can’t get the same tyre again. but I’ll find out soon if it’s safe to drive to Taupo with, even if I limp home.Why is nothing easy!?

Update - Later this day, as I was leaving Wellington, passing through & entering Bulls, a stone hit my windscreen. So now I need a new Windscreen!