Error Data Loss

So yeah, the other night my servers main data drive, where I store basically everything; websites, junk files, training vids, PDFs, videos, apps, ISOs, DOS games - basically EVERYTHING! Had died. RIP. :’( Thankfully the 8TB Media Drive is fine…So thankfully PBTech had a Cyber Monday sale, I was able to pick pick up a couple of NAS drives cheap, 10T & 8T disk, plus a 2T disk for the MacMini Server I’m migrating over too. I’ll run them in JBOD, seperating the Data storage from the Server, reducing the amount of RW requests to the disk.So my setup will be;[ NAS ] (2 Bay)- 10 TB (Media Storage; Movies, TV Series)

  • 8 TB (Data Storage; Apps, ISOs, data).[ Mac mini “Server” ] (Updated with a Dual Drive Bay Mod.)- 2TB (Websites, Code, Development stuff)The 8TB Media drive that was on the server, that’s all good, that will be demoted down as a data archive drive on my desktop, co-locating some data that would be stored on my server, now NAS.And my old server will be … “decomissioned” into a cheap gaming PC for someone. I’ll have the 1000W Corsair PSU in my system though. It can have my solid older CM GX750 PSU.Now I have a summer of realising how much data I’ve lost…
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